A Morton for critical review of the manuscript and E Diakun for

A. Morton for critical review of the manuscript and E. Diakun for technical assistance. C.J. and R.Y. were supported by NSERC scholarships.

Electronic supplementary material Additional file 1: Alignment of rpoS gene sequences of Suc ++ mutants with parental strains. The alignment data show the location of mutations within the rpoS gene in the selected Suc++ mutants in comparison with parental strains. (PDF 349 KB) Additional file 2: Alignment of predicted RpoS protein sequences of Suc ++ mutants with parental strains. The protein alignment MK-4827 data show the predicted mutant forms of RpoS resulting from the identified mutations in the rpoS gene of Suc++ mutants. (PDF 128 KB) References 1. Stoodley P, Sauer K, Davies DG, Costerton JW: Biofilms as complex differentiated communities. Annu Rev Microbiol 2002, 56:187–209.CrossRefPubMed 2. Davidson CJ, Surette MG: Individuality in bacteria. Annu Rev Genet 2008, 42:253–268.CrossRefPubMed 3. Wolf DM, Vazirani VV, Arkin AP: Diversity in times of adversity: probabilistic strategies in microbial survival games. J Theor Biol 2005, 234:227–253.CrossRefPubMed 4. Lederberg J, Iino T: Phase Variation in Salmonella.

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