metallidurans     CH34 Zn, Cd, Co, Pb, Cu, Hg, Ni and Cr resistan

metallidurans     CH34 Zn, Cd, Co, Pb, Cu, Hg, Ni and Cr resistance [6] AE104 Plasmid-cured C. metallidurans strain- sensitive to toxic Small molecule library metals [6] Plasmid Description Reference or source pET32LIC Apr Overexpression plasmid for ligation-independent cloning Novagen pET32LIC pbrR Apr pbrR cloned into pET32LIC This study pMa5/8 Apr Cms Mutagenesis vector [32] pMc5/8 Aps Cmr Mutagenesis vector [32] pMaPbrR/PpbrA Apr Cms

Mutagenesis vector with pbrR/PpbrA cloned in to it This study pMOL1139 Kmr, The pbr operon cloned into plasmid pRK415 B. Borremans pMU2385 Tpr 13.3 kb low copy selleckchem number lacZ reporter plasmid [33] pMUPpbrA Tpr pMU2385 containing the PpbrA promoter directing lacZ transcription This study pMUPpbrA-1 Tpr pMU2385 containing the PpbrA promoter with a 1 bp deletion This study pMUPpbrAcon Tpr As pMUPpbrA, but −10 sequence changed to E. coli consensus This study pMUPpbrAmer Tpr As pMUPpbrA, but −10 sequence changed to mer promoter This study pMUPbrR/PpbrA Tpr, pMU2385 containing pbrR, PpbrA ΔpbrA directing

CYT387 manufacturer lacZ transcription This study pMUPbrRC14S/PpbrA As pMUPbrRPpbrA, but PbrR C14S This study pMUPbrRC55S/PpbrA As pMUPbrRPpbrA, but PbrR C55S This study pMUPbrRC79S/PpbrA As pMUPbrRPpbrA, Branched chain aminotransferase but PbrR C79S This study pMUPbrRC114S/PpbrA As pMUPbrRPpbrA, but PbrR C114S This study pMUPbrRC132S/PpbrA As pMUPbrRPpbrA, but PbrR C132S This study pMUPbrRC134S/PpbrA

As pMUPbrRPpbrA, but PbrR C134S This study pMUPbrRC132,134 S/PpbrA As pMUPbrRPpbrA, but PbrR C132S/C134S This study pUC21 Apr, high copy number cloning vector; ColE1 replicon [34] pUK21 Kmr, intermediate copy number cloning vector; p15A replicon [34] pUK21pbr1 Kmr, HindIII/SalI pbrR/PpbrA/ΔpbrA from pMOL1139 cloned into pUK21 This study DNA manipulations DNA manipulations were as described by [30]. Oligonucleotides were synthesized by Alta Bioscience, the University of Birmingham; or MWG Biotech, Germany. The DNA sequence of all mutants and cloned PCR products were confirmed by sequencing using a PE Applied Biosystems Big Dye version 2.0 sequencing kit according to the manufacturer’s protocol, followed by analysis on an ABI 3700 sequencer in the Functional Genomics Laboratory, School of Biosciences, the University of Birmingham. The primers used for sequencing were: pMUforward and pMUreverse, complementary to the sequences flanking the multiple cloning site of pMU2385, and PbrApe for pMapbrR/PpbrA clones (Table 2).

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