As a result, there is increasing interest for sports nutrition pr

As a result, there is increasing interest for sports nutrition product manufacturers

to undertake specific research to validate or support marketing claims. click here VIPER®ACTIVE is a specific sports drink produced by Maxinutrition Ltd. The product is a carbohydrate-protein-electrolyte (CPE) formula designed to support exercise performance, energy production, stamina and short term recovery from intense training. The manufacturer guidelines indicate a dosage of 40 g of the product (mixed with 500 ml of water) for use during exercise bouts, equating to an 8.0% concentration (or 7.1% for total carbohydrate). It is widely established that the ingestion of carbohydrate (CHO) during exercise can improve time GDC-0068 to exhaustion [1], through maintenance of plasma glucose concentrations, and increasing total carbohydrate oxidation (CHOTOT) rates [2]. Additional evidence exists that by increasing exogenous carbohydrate oxidation (CHOEXO) rates [3], beverages containing multiple CHO combinations may have further ergogenic potential [4]. The inclusion of essential electrolytes, namely sodium, into such beverages has also been shown to enhance or support higher hydration levels, or ingestion rates, during and post exercise [5–7]. There has been recent interest in the use of carbohydrate-protein (CP) combinations as a means to not only enhance time to exhaustion compared to a CHO beverage [8],

but also to improve post exercise recovery rates. It has been demonstrated [9] that the ingestion of a carbohydrate-casein hydrolysate beverage significantly enhanced late stage cycling time trial performance in comparison to CHO only; and attenuated post exercise creatine kinase concentrations along with subjective muscle soreness. The ergogenic potential of CP beverages firstly appears to be explained by the high CHO ingestion rates of ~60, along with an independent Selleckchem AG-881 caloric advantage though the co-ingestion of ~20 of protein. The innovation of nutrient timing has also implied the need for early carbohydrate Sclareol [10] and/or protein ingestion post exercise [11], particularly when repeated short term training

bouts are undertaken. Practical methods to support initial training bouts, as well as short term recovery are therefore warranted, including the assessment of specific formulas which utilise a complete array of essential nutrients, namely combined carbohydrates, essential amino acids and key electrolytes, that may enhance acute and repeated bouts of exercise. The aim of this study was therefore to undertake an independent assessment of the potential influence of a commercially available CPE beverage (VIPER®ACTIVE) on repeated submaximal physiological and work output parameters in comparison to a matched placebo (PL). A further aim was to assess the influence of both beverages on subsequent time trial performance following short term recovery.

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