Cultures and anamorph: growth slow,

optimal at 25°C on al

Cultures and anamorph: growth slow,

optimal at 25°C on all media, on CMD sometimes slightly faster at 30°C than at 25°C; no growth at 35°C. On CMD after 72 h 0.2–1 mm at 15°C, 4–6 mm at 25°C, 3–6 mm at 30°C; growth often terminating before the Petri dish is covered by mycelium. Colony hyaline, first circular, becoming lobed at margin, thin, with little mycelium on the surface, dense, silky, finely and regularly zonate, zones of more or less equal width; hyphae narrow (<10 μm wide). Aerial hyphae scant. Coilings and autolytic activity absent. Chlamydospores noted from 2 weeks. No pigment, no distinct odour noted. A-1210477 purchase Conidiation after 3–4 days, green after 2–4 weeks, rarely earlier, or remaining hyaline for more than 2 months, depending on the isolate; effuse, first on minute conidiophores around the plug, spreading irregularly or in concentric rings, remaining invisible, growing to small, inconspicuous

greenish granules, or rarely (CBS 119285) emerging from compact and opaque, grey-green, 27D4, 28DE4–6, pustules 1–5 mm diam and 1–1.5 mm thick, with straight sterile or fertile elongations on the distal margin of the colony after 1–2 months. Pustule formation enhanced by incubation at 15°C after growth at 25°C. Conidia yellow-green in mass. On PDA after 72 h reaching at most 0.5 mm at 15°C, 4–5 mm at 25°C, 0.5–4.5 mm at 30°C; mycelium covering the entire plate after ca 6 weeks; hyphae conspicuously narrow. Colony circular, dense, thin, smooth, indistinctly zonate, MCC950 cell line with radial folds formed around the plug; with short aerial hyphae becoming fertile. Margin downy after

ca 1 month due to long aerial hyphae. Autolytic excretions rare or uncommon, no coilings seen. No distinct odour, no diffusing pigment noted. Reverse becoming pale yellow, 3–4A3–4, from the centre. Conidiation noted after 3 days, effuse, spreading from the plug on short conidiophores, appearing selleck powdery, yellow, turning greenish, 30A3, from ca 2 weeks; white, downy to cottony, close to margin after >1 month. At 30°C colony turning yellow to brown-yellow, 3A6–7, 4AB4–6, PD184352 (CI-1040) 5C5–7; conidiation remaining white (within 2 weeks). On SNA after 72 h 0.2–1 mm at 15°C, 2–3 mm at 25°C, 0–2.5 mm at 30°C; mycelium covering the entire plate after >6 weeks, scant on the surface; hyphae thin, soon degenerating, becoming multiguttulate. Colony dense, with irregular outline, finely and often indistinctly zonate, hyaline. Aerial hyphae scant, short, becoming fertile. No autolytic excretions, no coilings noted. No diffusing pigment, no distinct odour noted. Chlamydospores noted after 10 days, (5–)6–17(–25) × (3–)4–7(–9) μm, l/w = (0.9–)1.2–3.3(–5.7) (n = 30), extremely variable in shape, terminal and intercalary. Conidiation noted after 4 days, effuse, on short simple conidiophores spreading from the centre, and in small granules or pustules (with granular surface) 0.3–1(–2.5) mm diam in a broad distal concentric zone.

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